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Nutrikey Equine Nutrition Platform is a free personalized program designed to balance your horse's diet to enhance health, performance and well-being.
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Nutrikey, providing your horses with nutritionally sound diets to perform at their best.
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Create a Nutrikey Account
Nutrikey diet program will store all of your diets for your record keeping. Creating an account helps you be in control of your horses needs for now and the future.
Add your horses details
Adding in your horses details will help us provide you with a tailored balanced diet to suit his or her needs.
Tell us what you're currently feeding
Adding in your current diet broken down into weights per feed or supplement, is vital for a Nutrient complete diet analysis.
Our Nutrition Advisers will complete a diet recommendation
Your current horse's diet will be reviewed and analysed based on the information you provided and if necessary our nutrition advisers will create a new balanced diet specifically tailored to your horse's needs.
Our Nutrition Advisers will provide you a full written report
All diets are reviewed and assessed by nutrition advisers and every report includes a personalized recommendation for your horse, based on the information you have provided. This report is saved to your account for your access now and in the future.
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