About NutriKey

NutriKey was established to provide all horse owners with the opportunity to access industry leading Equine Nutrition Advice.  With so many feed and supplement options, it's very confusing to understand what your horse's specific requirements are.  This is where NutriKey provides the key to unlock the right nutrition for your horse. 

Our Personalised and Complementary service works with you 1:1 to analyse your horse's current diet, considering his individual circumstances.  These factors are then consolidated to provide to you in a very tailored, yet simple NutriKey Report, recommendations on what feeds and supplements (and what amounts) you should be feeding your horse to meet his individual nutritional needs. 

Comprehensive diet reports are provided

Maintaining your horse's nutritional requirements is a changable and ongoing process.  As seasons change, or your horse's work, or situations change, their nutritional requirements also change.  Therefore we continue to keep in touch with our valued clients, to help you to maximise your horse's wellbeing, health and performance!

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