Our Services

NutriKey is designed to help you be in control of your horse's nutrition needs now and the future.

Our Expert NutriKey Advisors will work with you to balance your horse's diet to help enhance his health, performance and well-being.
The first step is to Create your NutriKey App Account and provide us with key information about your horse, to enable us to conduct our comprehensive diet analysis.

Your NutriKey App Account is your individual Equine Nutrition Platform, that stores key information for every horse you set up in your Account, together with storing their NutriKey diets.  

Once you have set up your NutriKey App Account and have submitted information about your horse, our Industry Leading Equine Nutrition Advisors will review your account and will contact you to ensure they have all the information they need to provide tailored diet recommendations for your horse.

When our Nutrition Experts have concluded their diet analysis, you will receive a detailed, yet simple and easy to read NutriKey Equine Nutrition Report that contains personalised diet recommendations for your horse.

Start your NutriKey Diet!