Piere is a typical pony who is a very good doer and care needs to be taken to ensure he does not suffer from laminitis.  NutriKey helped to control Piere's starch and sugar intake and he is now looking fantastic with just the right coverage! 

Timmy is 6 years old at 17.2hh and had only recently been retired from racing in July 2020 and had been turned out into a paddock to spell. I got in contact with Hygain as he was underweight and after a few months of owning him I could not seem to get the weight on him, he also had a very dry and dull coat. In March of 2021, a Hygain equine nutrition assistant recommended new feeds and supplements to feed him. 

Within weeks I was starting to see improvement, he was gaining weight and his coat had begun changing. A few months on and Timmy is now in a healthy weight with a shiny coat and has begun his re-education for Eventing. 

I found the experience with the Hygain nutritionist very helpful, and they were very quick to respond. The process was very simple, just provided some information on Timmy and they organised a time to call to discuss feed options. I highly recommend the Hygain Nutritionist and I am very happy with the outcome. 


Nutrikey helped save My Porridge for another winter at least. His diet at the time wasn’t enough in fat as explained to me through the personal diet program set for him. Porridge and I are forever grateful for the Nutrikey advisors personal help. Regards Jo and Porridge.